Villa Juli presents an exclusive gift card carefully designed for you by Hanna Wendelbo It is the perfect and unique gift for someone you love. You can choose a diffrent amount and then follow the steps to your purchase. The card will be sent to your home adress in a beautiful envelope and you can also write a personal greeting in your card. If you want to receive your card before Christmas you must order it before December 13th.

Gift card

  • Please choose from the pre-selected amounts. If you want to add a higher amount to your card click on the quantity button. If you want a different amount than the pre-selected ones, for example 150 Euros, you have to buy one of each from the pre-selected amounts. If you want to buy more than one gift card please make a new order. 

    If you have any questions or if you need help with a selected amount please make a Note and send it to us. 

    A valid gift card will be sent to your home adress. Be avare that shipping can take more than 7 days. The cards will be sent with recommended post in a customized envelope. 

  • All the cards will have a peronal card number, expiring date and a Villa Juli signature. The card is personal and the card can not be exchanged for money. 

    The card is valid three years.

    No refunds.

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